Day 7: Final Day in Tokyo

Today was the last free day in Tokyo before we move to Ojiya.

A cooler day again, we had another late start and practised our songs for our performance tomorrow. We left the hostel around mid-day and headed for the station.

We set out for the miraikan (museum of emerging science) to get there we took an interesting train. This train goes over rainbow bridge and does a wide circle before it crosses.

We spent several hours in the miraikan as it was full of really interesting stuff. I was impressed by the museum as even though it was accessible to young children it still seemed really advanced e.g. a hadron collider simulator, Nuclear fusion and a cloud machine which really impressed me.

After the museum we went and found an enormous scale of a mobile suit gundam that actually moved and shone lights.


We noticed that the area was called Palette town which is the first town in the game Pokemon so we messed around there for a while amusing ourselves.

In a nearby mall there was a car show showing many famous old cars.

we then proceeded to try and find the port museum which upon discovery was unfortunately closed.

At 8:00 we met up with Sumika and some of her friends for dinner and we took photos at an Otaku bar where the waitress was in cosplay as the main character from Gintama (Gintoki)


Exhausted from all of the walking we headed home and collapsed.


Sidenote: we found Dr. Wily’s base complete with escape pod and lazer turrets.

4 thoughts on “Day 7: Final Day in Tokyo

  1. The Mirakan is an interesting area glad you spent time there – and also the Otaku bar – no visit would be complete without it….looking forward to hearing about the next stage of the trip….


  2. I’d never heard of this museum but it sounds great. Good look at the concert today, I’m sure all your practicing will pay off.


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