Day 18: Himeji Castle

We and Michiko all leave the house at about 10 am and drive near Himeji Castle, where we all walk to and explore in the blazing heat. We took a load of photos of the grounds, the view from the castle and many from the castle itself.

Afterwards, we wandered about Himeji trying to find some museums to explore, only to find that they were all closed as there was a holiday. We did find some shrines however.

After wandering about, we get Michiko’s daughter to bring us home for a few hours before going out to a sushi conveyor belt place to get dinner.


We also got some more pictures of Himeji Castle at night while we were at it. Hope you enjoy all the pictures today.


Finally, we returned home at about 11pm and slept soundly.

4 thoughts on “Day 18: Himeji Castle

  1. Did you go to Himeji castle and Kyoto on the same day? Amassing. .
    Michiko helped you driving to Kyoto. I am glad to now that you visited historical famous two places in one day.


  2. Hi Zak – for a bloke who doesn’t go outside you’re definitely going outside….outstanding pictures looks amazing – thanks for this and enjoy the rest of the time you have in Japan!


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