Day 19: Beach, Museum and in Aubergine we trust.

It was a late start for us today as me and Zak slept late. So at 11.30 we set off for the beach on foot.

Along the way we noticed a few things such as a patch of tepid water, some fish in a small river and a lone aubergine in the middle of a patch of small river on the side of the road (this details will become pertinent later on). We then stopped of at a 7 eleven and picked up lunch and after some more walking arrived at the beach.

Not the most picturesque beach as it was rather small and actually next to a water treatment plant it was, however, quiet with only a few other people there. I happily went into the water which was strange because it was very shallow. The water was great and completely different from England because it was actually the perfect temperature Alex and Zak were less keen on going in and stayed on the side.

After the beach we went to a nearby beach cafe which was great because the couple who ran it were great fun and really friendly they even gave us a beach towel as a gift which was awesome. They boasted a soba flavoured ice cream but they were unfortunately out.

We then got picked up by Michiko’s daughter (Fueka) and taken back to the house to drop our stuff off before quickly moving off to try and catch one of the museums that we didn’t get to go to yesterday before closing.

We made just in time and had about 50 mins to go around the museum which was really interesting and had more things to do with Himeji castle and the general area of hyogo. They also had some old computers set up which had a catalogue of 80s TV programs about cool things like bow making, salt factories and of course Himeji castle.

After we got kicked out of the museum we went to the shop streets from yesterday this time properly exploring them which was great fun. We then found a cool restaurant with flashing red lights outside which turned out to be kind of a fast food place that did udon me and Alex had pork curry udon.

Long enough after the beach me and Alex both noticed how burnt we had gotten despite applying sunscreen this morning.


We then made our way to the station and got on a train back to the house. This, however, was when everything went awry. First after we got off the train we released that we had gotten off one station too early which meant 1/2 hour walk to the next station which was fine in and off itself until we got there and released that we had no real off making it back to michiko’s house. We had Michiko’s address and the app on Zak’s phone however, the app didn’t have details and wouldn’t accept her address on the street name this left us in a bit of a pickle.

We then began walking in the general direction praying that we’d happen upon the house. Our prayers were then answered by our saviour Lord Aubergine which appeared before us. After walking we couldn’t find the way so we retraced our steps and did a quick prayer to Aubergine and lo and behold we happened upon the same stagnant puddle.  Some more trial and error allowed us to find our way back to the house long after we had all but given up hope. All in all the trip took us around one hour and a half to make it back a real trek. We all then had a well deserved shower.

4 thoughts on “Day 19: Beach, Museum and in Aubergine we trust.

  1. Nice colour you’ve picked up on your back there, David, almost Aubergine one might say. I guess you were all just too manly to massage each other’s backs properly! What factor was the sun cream, like 3? Anyways, hope it doesn’t sting too bad…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good. You have my Japanese phone. This is for emergency You did the right thing. You found the way. You are doing very well as a leader
    Many Japanese people say three of you are nice and polite. You have many fans as well.


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