Day 21: Kyoto, part 1

A lot of things happened today. It started at 10:30 am when we all had to rush to get out of the house because we were making Michiko late for work as she had to drive us to the train station, and I had forgotten my Kansai pass at the house, which means it is not gonna be a fun time for my wallet for today or tomorrow.

After the train ride to Kyoto, our first stop was Nijo Castle, where we did what we always do; wander around in the blazing heat exploring all of the history in the area. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the castle itself, but that didn’t stop us from taking mountains of them. Prepare for mountains.


People feeding fish in a river with bits of bread


No scribbling here.


After walking around in Nijo Castle grounds for a while, we came across a small cafe in the area whose main attraction was the beautiful view around it, even if a single coke can cost 500 yen.

Some cotton candy ice… thing that they serve


Strange trees we found in Nijo Castle
Apparently buses can shift chunks of the road just by accelerating. Huh.
A shop that sells swords.

Later that day, we visited a manga museum, which did exactly what it said in the title and did it well.


We had a good time reading the various manga they had on display, then decided to walk over a mile on a straight road to go to a large shrine at the end of it. Here’s some of the things we found on the way there.

Japanese Culture, sponsored by Coca-Cola.


We went into a yukata fabric store, too.
Yukatas for real men.


And now here’s the shrine itself:


We spent a few minutes there before taking the train back to Kyoto Station and getting to our hotel. We tried the hotel just outside the station which we thought was correct, before being told that we went to the wrong hotel with the nearly identical name, and even had a map to clear up the confusion. One can only imagine how many tourists get confused by this to make them create a map just for it.


The hotel gave us free pyjama yukatas to use.

Finally, we hastily connected to the hotel Wi-fi then went to bed for the day.

Many thanks to Michiko for letting us stay in the hotel in Kyoto for the night! We really appreciate it!


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