Day 22: Kyoto, part 2

Today was another rammed day went to 4 different places between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm. My back kinda aches cause I was carrying a lot in my back pack from staying in the hotel and we probably walked about 4 km.

We began slightly early as we had to get up for breakfast and woke up around nine. Breakfast was slightly odd as it was a buffet with curry and salmon.


After breakfast we went to Kyoto tower as we had discount coupons from the hotel which had amazing views of the city.

We then took the train to Arashiyama which is a part of Kyoto famous for its beauty and we went to Tenruji temple which had an absolutely amazing garden.

Cute baby birds in the temple

A famous river passes through the area which had loads of people in rowboats and gondolas on it.

Lots of buddha

We then walked to this bamboo path which has towering bamboo trees on both sides which was really awesome.

along the way we saw a guy playing a steel drum kind of thing that was pretty cool


After I bought some dango which is a sweet dumpling thing covered in sweet soy sauce it was pretty weird but also tasty.


We then made our way to the station and took a train and walked to the kinkaku-ji (golden pavilion temple) which was a small heaving park featuring a golden pavilion which was awesome and beautiful. (along the way we stopped in a shop which sold really old games)

saw this from Kyoto tower which is lit once a year

The final thing we did was go to a zen garden called Ryoanji temple which was really calm and beautiful but as so many people were watching I had this evil feeling of just jumping in.

We then took the train back to Kyoto station and from there back to Himeji. Michiko picked us up and took us for dinner I had Indian curry for a change of pace which was great.


Gotcha collect ’em all

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