Our first day (it begins)

Our first day was rather a mixed bag of failure and success.

We survived the flight the 10 hour flight via a  combination of in flight tetris and gnawing our own legs off. The plane lands and it’s a real pea-souper out there, which we soon come to realise makes it very humid as we step off the plane into the airport. Border control was uneventful and utterly boring. The original plan had then been to buy cheap phones which we could use to communicate between each other in Japan they didn’t have any at the airport so we decided we would go to Akihabara after dropping our bags at the inn.

Alex’s dad begged us to take a taxi from the airport to the inn so we did staring out the window the whole way, we arrive and once we get inside and register I think that one small glance into the interior of the car may have been useful as I am now without my phone. We leave our suitcases behind and head out to Akihabara by train some brief confusion at the beginning about which card to buy (suica or passmo) we learn that the cards work interchangeably on the barriers.

IMG_4325The first thing we do in Akihabara is try and get these phones after five minutes of failed communication with the staff we try and just get sims this also falls through as both Alex’s and Zak’s phones appear to be locked. So instead of two phones I have a grand total of zero. Agreeing that we won’t be stuck on our failures we instead decide to explore and explore we do finding a myriad of knick knacks but they are Japanese knick knacks making them invaluable or about 300yen.


After meandering through a few shops our legs begin to ache and we decide to stop in a cafe and grab some meal none of us are quite sure which meal that would be at this point it tasted great though.IMG_4333

exhausted from a combination of our flight, jet-lag and Akihabara we head back to the hostel and melt into pools of sweat and tiredness.

After ringing my phone a few times today with no response I hope that tomorrow someone will pick up and I can get it back.

to be continued->


2 thoughts on “Our first day (it begins)

  1. Hi all – many thanks for the post – I can assure you we will be reading these every day so thanks for the detail – sounds v interesting thus far and hope all gets solved on the phone front….




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